Before & After


Before & After

case study 1

This patient is a singer. She wanted to improve her smile for the stage. Her teeth were yellowish, irregular in shape and uneven and she desired a much straighter, whiter and brighter smile. 10 porcelain veneers were used to reestablish a correct tooth size and proportion along with the colour.

case study 2

The agenesis of maxillary lateral incisors is a common developmental anomaly and represents a clinical problem impairing dental esthetics and function from a very young age. Missing lateral incisors can be successfully replaced by dental implants as shown in this case.

case study 3

This patient was unhappy with her smile appearance. Her front teeth were worn down and chipped. 10 porcelain veneers were applied to provide much natural looking smile.

case study 4

This patient was unhappy with the appearance of her smile. Her front teeth were very long and the gum line was progressively receding. Gum grafting was performed to achieve a correct tooth size and proportion along with natural looking soft tissue.

case study 5

The gummy smile may be seen when the upper lip goes too far upon smiling, resulting in an unpleasant facial expression. The patient was subjected to an innovative treatment called lip repositioning which dramatically enhanced her smile appearance.

case study 6

The excessive gingival display is a common condition where the teeth appear abnormally small causing an unattractive smile. Gum lifting was performed to reshape the gingiva.