Porcelain Veneers

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Porcelain Veneers

What are porcelain veneers?
Designed for beautiful aesthetics, porcelain veneers are a chance for our expert dentists to carefully balance art and science to create an exquisite smile. As well as enhanced beauty, our veneers process means your teeth are stronger and better protected.

At Favero Dental Clinic, we choose porcelain as our preferred veneer material as it is naturally stain-resistant and has a wonderful light-reflecting property that matches the appearance of natural teeth. Porcelain is also very adaptable meaning we can ensure the perfect fit and shade to make sure you are completely confident with your smile.

Our veneers process starts with a detailed consultation to discuss you options and find our what you’d like to achieve. We’ll give you a thorough examination to make sure you’re an appropriate candidate, and will demonstrate what your final appearance will look like with virtual mockups.

During your next visit we’ll prepare your teeth for the veneers by removing a very thin layer of enamel and will make a model of your teeth so that the veneers can be constructed to your exact measurements.
Once your veneers are ready, you’ll be invited back for the bonding process during which we will meticulously assess and modify the veneers to ensure they’re an exact fit.

As follow up appointment is always offered to check that you are completely satisfied with your teeth and your new look.


Our specialist dentist is none other than the talented Dr. Giacomo Favero, chief dental surgeon at Favero Dental Clinic. From a dynasty of Italian dentists whose legacy stretches over 45 years, Dr. Favero heads our surgical team in a practice that is the epitome of elegance, comfort and care.

What sets him apart however, is his revolutionary approach to dentistry, one that embraces a preventative philosophy and an approach to your overall wellness that is routed in oral care and dentistry.

Most importantly, what makes his work so successful is his ability to design the perfect smile, created to align perfectly with all of your uniqueness and beautiful facial features. Our patients put their complete trust in him and are never, ever disappointed with their final transformation.

why choose US?
  • 40 years of experience in dental excellence
  • Detailed consultations to discuss your preferred treatment plan
  • A dedicated specialist throughout your entire treatment
  • Single and multiple tooth options
  • Friendly, focused service
  • Competitive pricing with flexible payment options
  • Holistic therapy options with your wellbeing prioritised
  • Comfortable and relaxing procedures
  • Care, attention to detail and warranty for complete peace of mind.

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Case Study

Helen had lived with a wonky smile for as long as she could remember.

In her younger years, she hadn’t really noticed how bad her teeth were.

Besides, her morbid fear of the dentist meant she was willing to put up with the occasional toothache. 

As she got older however, the state of her teeth deteriorated. As her situation progressed she became more conscious of how bad her teeth were and the odd comment from friends only made her retreat even further into her shell. From years of neglect, her teeth were yellow, crooked, broken and missing – and Helen was at her wit’s end. 
Finally, after years of despair, Helen plucked up the courage to come and see us at our clinic. And to her great surprise and delight, we were able to solve all of her dental woes with just two appointments, completely pain-free. And the secret to her brilliant new smile? Our fabulous porcelain veneers!