Teeth Whitening

A Brighter More Natural Smile!

Teeth Whitening

The Fastest Way to Ultra-White Teeth!

We have been the first in England to launch this revolutionary, peroxide-free, super-fast, tooth whitening system.

· BRILLIANCE SMILE WHITENING can leave teeth up to 12 shades lighter in just 20 minutes.

· No peroxide means no pain, no sensitivity, and healthy teeth

· A genuine lunchtime transformation

· Only £99 per treatment.

A-list dentist Dr Giacomo Favero is proud to introduce Brilliance Smile Whitening to his new practice in London’s Wimpole Street, near Harley Street. This breakthrough new light-accelerated whitening treatment uses a special peroxide-free formula that protects teeth and works up to six times faster than other professional systems on the market.
Most dentist whitening treatments can take up to an hour and a half, involve laboriously coating the gums to avoid pain and damage, and because they use high levels of peroxide, may cause lasting tooth sensitivity and even severe pain. In contrast, Brilliance Smile Whitening is a safe, comfortable lunchtime procedure, taking only 15 to 20 minutes.
How does it work?

During treatment, the patient wears comfortable trays containing a peppermint flavoured gel over their teeth. The gel contains the active ingredient of safe active oxygen as its active ingredient. Unlike peroxide, active oxygen is safe on lips and gums, and will not cause sensitive teeth. The trays ensure all the surfaces of the teeth can be treated simultaneously.

A state of the art halogen light accelerates the whitening process while the patient relaxes in a comfortable chair.

On average, a single treatment brightens teeth by seven shades, though some patients will find teeth amazing 12 shades lighter. The entire procedure is free of discomfort, and the lack of peroxide means a dramatically reduced risk of tooth sensitivity.

One BRILLIANCE SMILE WHITENING treatment provides dramatic results. Further treatments will intensify the whiteness. Teeth Whitening in London is the logic choice for a brighter more natural looking smile.

Says Dr Giacomo Favero, “I want to offer only the best and most technologically advanced dental procedures to my busy, demanding patients. I travelled the world to find the best whitening system, and I believe this is the most effective, fastest and safest, and comes at an affordable price. I have already seen dramatic results on my patients, who are thrilled with the natural, healthy brilliance it gives to their teeth. It really is something to smile about.”


The subconscious impact of a white smile cannot be underestimated and instantly radiates a look of healthiness happiness and youthfulness. A brilliant smile enhances confidence and attracts positive attention. Aspirations for whiter teeth in the UK have steadily grown in recent years as a result of exposure to the American culture for the perfect, brilliant white smile. A Hollywood White Smile is seen as the norm in the USA.

At Favero dental clinic, we feel that every patient deserves the same, beautiful white smile they can be proud of. At Favero dental clinic, we are excited to offer our patients easy access; to an affordable and unique program, we call Whitening For Life. All patients who are interested in enhancing their smile by using one of our convenient and efficient whitening systems are eligible to become part of this amazing program.


For further information on whitening treatments and the Whitening For Life system please book for an initial assessment In London near Harley Street on 020 7323 1960